Oakland CranioSacral Therapist Testimonials

I can only say wonderful things about Sirena. She infuses her healing work with compassion, calm and equanimity. My baby girl and I began seeing Sirena around issues with breastfeeding and latching at about 3 months. Her attention to Cecelia had immediate results. But more than that, what emerged in my time with Sirena was a deeper realization about my expanding role as a first time mother. Her support and guidance allowed me to understand the various complex emotional, physical, and psychological changes occurring. She gave me tools to embrace and even celebrate the (often difficult) changes all the while she continued to support Cecelia’s development as well. Cece is now 7 months. She is growing, eating, loving… and I find new peace each day and each deep breath. Thank you Sirena! Kindra B. San Francisco, CA

It’s sometimes hard to explain to clients what CranioSacral therapy is, or why they should invest their time and energy in it. But it’s never hard to hear the wonderful things they have to say after they’ve made the leap and seen Sirena.

She has worked with many of my clients and has a 100% track record. From preconception, to pregnancy, and most dramatically working with newborns, Sirena provides a deep, healing presence and a wealth of knowledge about this subtle, but effective therapy. Everyone expresses a sense of wellness afterwards and babies often respond right before your eyes. As professionals we have a wealth of resources to which we can refer our clients and their families. I turn to Sirena when I’m working with someone who has a:

• Deep-seated anxiety, perhaps caused by a previous negative birth experience, or a difficult life experience that was either physical, or emotional, or both
• Pregnant belly with a baby consistently in a sub-optimal position such as oblique or posterior
• Fear of labor and birth
• Baby who had a physically difficult birth: extensive bruising, long pushing phase, dystocia, or a tight fit
• Baby who is having trouble nursing or seems uncomfortable in her/his body
• Baby who is being treated allopathically for other physical ailments
• Moms who have had difficult births

And anyone else whom it seems could benefit from some gentle, loving physical care by a knowledgeable and experienced therapist. (I’ve also sent my teenage daughter to her with amazing results. Saved us in those ‘interesting’ high school years.) – Sue Baelen, LM, CPM Sacred Body Midwifery – San Francisco, CA

I first went to Sirena for my migraines. I have had migraines for many years and Sirena was able to abort a migrane in one session! She is compassionate, gentle and powerfully talented CranioSacral Therapist. When she is with you, she is completely present and truly caring. She is a true healer. – Karen B. – Berkeley, CA

I’ve worked with Sirena many times over the last few years, but most poignantly during my recent first pregnancy and after the birth of my baby. Sirena is a CranioSacral Therapy practitioner and energy worker with a background in Pediatric Occuaptional Therapy. Her passion lays in working with pregnant women and their newborns – specifically in helping you tap into the intuitive, emotional connection that you share with your child in utero and beyond. I had amazing sessions with her, which helped me to both identify some of my own challenges, fears, desires & intentions in becoming a mom, and to feel incredibly connected to and in communication with my unborn child. We were challenged when our beautiful newborn daughter turned out to be colicky during her first few months. We had a very fussy baby girl until about 10 weeks and then she morphed into a delightfully happy, now 6 month old! One of the things that I feel helped her most in the beginning was the CranioSacral Therapy that she received from Sirena Masket. Our daughter was noticeably calmer during and after her sessions with Sirena, who brought a soothing presence to the whole household during her home-visits. It is subtle work that I don’t begin to fully understand, but I know that it soothed our’s and our baby’s nerves. – Jessica R. – Oakland CA

Working with Sirena always brings me to the root of something that needs to shift. Her approach is at once deeply nurturing and dynamic as she uses different facets of her expertise to help me work through physical, emotional, and even the spiritual side of an issue. A session with her is a chance to really meet myself because she so artfully knows how to hold space. Her touch is extremely opening and restful.
She was also amazing with my three-year-old when he was displaying anxiety related behaviors. After his sessions with her, he was so much happier and really improved. I wish we could work with her every week! – Erica Geller Jordan – Shamanic Practitioner in Oakland, CA

I had CranioSacral Therapy sessions with Sirena when I was not yet pregnant, and they were fantastic! This past session, when I was about 5 months along, was absolutely outstanding. I felt as though a deep inner peace was accessed as my body melted into relaxation. Sirena is an incredibly gifted CranioSacral Therapist and I’m so grateful to her for being present to what I needed in that healing space. I am excited to return, and particularly excited for my baby to have sessions. Thank you Sirena – Sara D – Walnut Creek, CA

I went to Sirena for my first cranial sacral session when I was 8.5 months pregnant with my second child and did not know what to expect. While I went in to the session open-minded, it was not without anxiety and stress about the impending changes. I walked out with a sense of relaxation, calmness and confidence that I had it within me to gracefully accept and take on these new challenges with my family. Sirena’s gentle touch and soft spoken visualizations helped be to connect with my unborn child, and reconnect with my myself and my family during the last month of pregnancy. I was amazed that this subtle technique could have such a positive effect on me. I am now feel more grounded and ready to begin my next journey. Jasmina G. – Oakland, CA

Sirena has been an invaluable part of my family’s health. She has helped my wife with Migraine headaches. She has also worked on my 9 year old since he was 4 yrs old to help integrate his body. As for me she has helped me with my TMJ to balancing my whole body. Sirena is warm, personable, give great guidance and advice. – Lisa K. – Chiropractor in Oakland, CA

I love how Sirena combines many different modalities with CranioSacral Therapy in order to offer custom treatments. Sirena is especially gifted at being present and listening to your words, as well as the energy underneath the words. I felt very served by her bringing attention and acceptance to the wisdom within my body, and turning that into conversations with my non-conscious self. Amazing. I’m a local chiropractor and trust her with my practice members who need referrals for Holistic Pelvic Care, or babies who are suffering from distress.
Elon B. – Oakland, CA

I have worked with Sirena many times over many years. Her intuitive touch, soothing presence, and expert CranioSacral therapy skills have healed me in so many ways. She calms my anxiety, brings profound emotional and spiritual realizations, and resets the body each time. I have brought my kids to her as well and they love it! She has helped our family with prenatal and postpartum issues, concussions, anxiety, surgery recovery, and a host of other things. She always comes from the heart and I recommend her highly. – Shannon H. – Shamanic Practitioner in Walnut Creek, CA